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A community of learners!

It’s Summer - and your child deserves to engage and interact in an exciting, active, learning environment, together with other children. 

The ASW Summer School program combines academics with fun-filled activities to build literacy and numeracy skills and increase self-confidence in our students. The program focuses on cooperation, collaboration and working together to develop the skills and attitudes that will give them an academic edge when they return to school in the Fall.

Give your children an academic edge, join the ASW summer school program!


Summer Camp Dates:

Week 1:  1st – 5th July
Week 2:  8th – 12th July
Week 3:  15th – 19th July
Week 4:  22nd – 26th July
Week 5:  29th July – 2nd August

Week 6:  5th- 9th August

We are excited to announce that we will be offering our annual ASW Summer Camp beginning in July of 2024. This will be a unique opportunity for your child to engage with truly passionate staff who will strive to help your child develop academically and personally in order to reach their highest level of achievement. The entire camp day will be taught in English so your child can gain skills in all of the areas of language acquisition including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Quality instruction, delivered through fun, creative, and engaging methods, will allow students to grow each day in their English language skills.


Parents can choose to send their children for the entire duration of the camp from July through August, or they can choose specific weeks they would like their child to attend.

For any questions regarding summer school please send an email at email:

Summer School: Welcome
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