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12– 36 months old

Our youngest children have one of the greatest transitions to make. Our teachers are here to help bridge the gap between home life and their first schooling experience. Beginning with our youngest students, all of our lessons are taught in English. Our curriculum is designed to allow children to learn at their own pace, creating an individualized program that best meets their needs. Their classrooms are safe, clean, and appropriately furnished for the age of the children to facilitate a positive learning environment.


We foster a nurturing program where children can have fun, be confident in their environment, and be comfortable with their peers. Curiosity, exploration, and discovery are the center of our daily activities.


Our Wobblers Rooms care for children from 12 to 24 months old. Little ones at this stage are working on becoming steady on their feet while exploring their world. Structure and plenty of routines are introduced to this class. Wobblers have a daily circle time in which they go over animals, animal noises, naming and identifying body parts as well as singing songs, reading, etc. Each child is given the personal attention and care they need, as well as lots of hugs!



Our Toddlers Rooms care for children from 24 to 36 months of age. The teachers create weekly activities, which are centered around a monthly theme. Our play-based curriculum includes daily activities that help foster your child’s cognitive, language, motor, and social skills. Each child is given a chance to explore and learn through their own means. We offer each child one-on-one attention as well as group interactions to stimulate development.

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School Year 2022/2023


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