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Project Information

The main goal of the project "ASW - modern and friendly school" is the increase of key competences of 52 students and the acquisition of qualifications and/or competencies by 16 teachers in Primary School American School of Wroclaw thanks to additional, didactic-compensatory and speech therapist classes for 64 students, conducting trainings and post-graduate studies for 16 teachers and equipping subject laboratories and ICT by January 31, 2021.


The project is a response to the above. problems. During the 2 years of its implementation, 64 students will take part in additional and compensatory classes and receive assistance under speech therapy, and the school will be equipped with ICT equipment, teaching materials and will acquire the equipment of a mathematical and natural science workshop also 16 teachers will gain qualifications or raise their competences.


Thanks to equipping the school and conducting additional classes, compensatory classes, and speech therapy, students of the Private Elementary School American School of Wroclaw develop the key competencies that will allow them to better find themselves in the labor market in the future. Equipping the school with modern equipment will allow for conducting classes using modern teaching methods. Acquiring qualifications and competencies by teachers will enable them to work more effectively with everyday students.

​Funding amount: 388 796,25 zł


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